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Cueva del Rio La Venta, a subteranean dream

Please visit RAUMERRio La Venta Cave in Chiapas, Mexico, is a big hydrogeological tunnel that links the karstic plateau of Lopez Mateos with the bottom of Rio La Venta Canyon.
Along its nearly 13 km of length and 400 m of depth, this cave shows such an extraordinary variety of underground shapes and beauties to find place among the most beautiful caves of the world.
It was discovered in January 1990 by the speleologists of La Venta Geographical Association, then was explored and topographed during the following 6 years, overcoming countless difficulties. At present it’s the main speleological find made by La Venta Team in Mexico.
The descent in the cave requires over 24 hours of underground stay and is restricted to expert speleologists.
click to enlargeIt’ s a timeless journey through an environment formed in hundreds of thousands years, changing shape and dimension by each step: huge fossil salons where it’s easy to get lost in the dark, landslides full of stones as big as a house, rivers that flow slowly, waterfalls, lakes, violent rapids, labyrinths, caves rich of stalactites and stalagmites, uncontaminated shores... a range of beauties hidden in the dark, enlightened for the first time by the explorers.
In April 2009 La Venta Association decided to pay homage to this natural wonder in several ways:
-organizing a photographic expedition for professional speleological photographers from many countries (they took part voluntarily and for free). The aim was to document the finest zones of Rio La Venta and show them to the world
-beginning the complex work of equipping the cave, to be completed in 2011, using stainless steel anchors that ensure a safe double rope descent
-starting a collaboration and training with local communities and landlords, to be involved in speleological courses, explorations and, over all, in the becoming aware of the need to preserve these caves.

Soon, on this site all the indications to visit this cave.

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